Made to look like an actual history book from the library of the Crystal Knights, A book of Poetry, Philosophy and Lore is meant to enrich a fan’s understanding of the Warrior culture within the series. Brief stories, epic poetry, legends, and intricate artwork by R.J. Giuffre and Jason Tobias fill the pages and will hopefully engage the imagination of fans of The Way of the Warrior series.

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Rachael is fiercely independent, yet not as worldly likes to think. She walks through life believing that she possesses sophistication and strength of character far beyond her years. But that is about to change. Only a journey through her past will help her see that there is no threat as dangerous as The Enemy Within.

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Adam Drowen…
Azreal, the Onyx Knight…
His journey has been long and arduous. He gained power in death, lost his mentor, found truth in a dream, got lost in a fantasy, embraced his rage, challenged The Fates, offered compassion, crossed the line, hunted a monster, and realized that Darkness was enveloping his soul.

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George is one wild kitty. No, really. George is a feral cat, born in the wild. But now he lives in a house. This is the story of how George, a feral cat, adopted a family, meets new friends, and learns what it means to be loved.

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