R.J. Giuffre

R.J. Giuffre was born in Lawrence, MA and grew up in the Merrimack Valley area. As a child, he was struck by a drunk driver, and as a result, lost the use of his left arm. He worked tirelessly for several years to recover, and still today uses his unique brand of ingenuity to find ways to do everything in life with one hand tied behind his back. This dedication earned him the moniker “The One Arm Bandit”. He is a novelist and poet who believes that artistry, be it with words, paint, or steel, is a product of the heart and should be treated as one of nature’s finest gifts to the world. Through perseverance, dedication, and blind stubbornness, he became well acquainted with the care and use of several types of bladed weapons, including swords, knives, and axes; knowledge which he now incorporates into his writing. Though injuries now keep him from competition, he has found that sharing the Way of the Warrior through his writing fulfills his need to be the very best at what he does.

He still lives in the Merrimack Valley area with his wife, Michelle, who is a special education teacher for children with severe special needs, and the next generation of Warrior, his daughter, Paige, and son, Kaden.