George No

George No is easily our most unconventional author. Nobody really knows exactly how old George is, or where he originally came from. He doesn’t even speak English. In fact, he’s not your typical wordsmith at all. Well, actually, he’s a cat. Yes, we published a book by a cat. What can we say; he had an interesting story to tell. Luckily, one of our team members, Michelle Kelly, is an excellent Feline to English translator.

On Tuesday, May 28th 2024 at approximately 1:08 P.M. George No was called to finally cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our formerly feral, fairly ferocious, feline friend was old, grumpy, and messy, but he was our friend, and we will all miss him.

If you have lost a furry friend in the past, or fear that you soon may, we ask that you make a donation to your local animal shelter in George’s memory.

To learn more about George, please visit his Instagram page.

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